Original Title: Tchiloli, Máscaras e Mitos
São Tomé/Portugal, 2009
color 52'   African Documentary

São Tomé, XXIth century. In this island of the African equator, the expressions of the cultural tradition have an enormous presence in the social sphere, among which the "Tchiloli or Marquis of Mântua tragedy”.
Originally from France, the Tchiloli was introduced in São Tomé in the XVIth century. Dressed in European clothes, wearing masks, the actors recite the renaissance text with music and dance, turning this spectacle into a hybrid cultural manifestation of African and European synergy.
This documentary gives a different perspective to the Tchiloli, already described in “An Immortal Story. Such an extraordinary theatre manifestation deserve a very extensive exploration.

Language: Portuguese

Director: Inês Gonçalves and Kiluanje Liberdade

Production Company: Noland Films

Afrykamera - Poland; Doc Fest - Rome

Versions: English and French subtitles

Availability: The World, except United Kingdom (video)

Kiluange Liberdade was born in Angola in 1976.
Graduated in Communication and Culture Sciences in the University of Lisbon. Post-graduated in African Studies (ISCTE, Lisbon).
Director of television in TV Zimbo (Luanda, Angola), assistant director in “A Favor da Claridade”, by Teresa Villaverde and assistant producer in the exposition "Exposição de Fotografias com Banda Sonora", Cape Verde, by Inês Gonçalves and Vasco Pimentel.

Filmography as a director:
2009, Co-director of “Tchiloli, Masks and Myths” with Inês Gonçalves;
2009, Co-director of “Luanda, Fábrica da Música” with Inês Gonçalves;
2005/6, Co-director and co-producer with the Angolan writer Ondjaki of the documentary “Oxalá Cresçam Pitangas”;
1998, Co-director of the film "Outros Bairros" with Inês Gonçalves and Vasco
1996, Director of the documentary "O Rap é uma Arma".

Inês Gonçalves was born in Málaga (Spain), but her nationality is Portuguese.
Works and lives in Lisbon. As a photographer she works for the press, book publications and photo exhibitions.

Filmography as a director:
2009, Co-director of “Tchiloli, Masks and Myths” with Kilunaje Liberdade.
2009, Co-director of “Luanda, Fábrica da Música” with Kiluanje Liberdade;
2005, Uncertain Homeland, co-directed with Vasco Pimentel;
1999, “Other Neighbourhoods”, co-directed with Kiluanje Liberdade and Vasco Pimentel.
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