Original Title: O Salão Azul
Mozambique/Portugal, 2010
color 19   Documentary

The everyday life of a small beauty salon in Maputo (Mozambique)
Women comes, chats and leaves looking and feeling beautiful
The ambient is cheerful to the sound of the radio.
No dialogue.

Language: Xangana/ Portuguese

Director: Luciana Hees

Production Company: Laboratório de Cinema Documental NOMADLAB -TERRATREME FILMES

Co-Production Company: Festival do Filme Documentário DOCKANEMA - ÉBANO

Panorama 2010 - Portugal
Festival de Cine Africano de Tarifa, 2010 - Spain
DocLisboa, 2010 - Portugal
Dockanema 2010 - Mozambique
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011 - Holland
The Images Festival 2011 - Canadá
AfryKamera - African Film Festival 2011- Poland

Versions: Version with English Subtitles

Availability: The World

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