Original Title: Os Retornados ou os Restos do Império
Portugal, 2002
Colour and B/W 45'   Portuguese Documentary

Lost. Above all lost. In a land that is no longer theirs, running away from violence and confusion, they arrive in a small country with no room for them, a country they had heard about, but never known: Portugal. They were called “Os Retornados” (The ones that came back). Twenty years after the end of the colonization, they have a new life in other countries and speak about their memories and the love for the African lands they dream to go back to. Exceptional archives footage.

Language: Portuguese

Director: Leandro Ferreira

Production Company: Paulo de Sousa

International Film Festival of Cape Verde;
Amnisty International Film Festival

Versions: Original Version and with English Subtitles

Availability: The World

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