Original Title: O Último Comunista
Portugal, 2005
Colour and B/W 56'   Portuguese Documentary

Álvaro Cunhal (1913-2005) was at the head of the Portuguese Communist Party for more than half a century. Born in a bourgeois family, he maintains himself very close to the soviet leaders, from Stalin to Brejnev. In exile or in prison most of the time in his youth, he played a major role during the Portuguese revolution (1974/75). A talented writer and artist, he defended the hard communist line until his death. Despite this fact he was respected and admired by all. Rare archive footage reveals this enigmatic figure, remarkable by its beauty and strength.

Language: Portuguese

Director: Joaquim Vieira

Production Company: Nanook, SIC

Versions: Original Version and with English Subtitles

Availability: The World

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