Original Title: Dom Roberto
Portugal, 1962
BW 102'   Classics - Portuguese - Digitally Restored by Vectacrom

João Barbelas, a poor tramp, earns his meagre living as a puppeteer. One day he meets the girl of his dreams, Maria, a young woman with a past as sad as her eyes. Together they squat in an old abandoned house, which they see as their castle, until the day when they are faced with the harsh reality. But they have each other, their endless tenderness, and the capacity to dream. A cult film in the story of Portuguese Cinema with the great actor Raul Solnado.

Language: Portuguese

Raul Solnado, Glicínia Quartin

Director: J. Ernesto de Sousa

Production Company: Cooperativa do Espectador

Special Award Cannes
Mannheim Film Festival - Germany

Versions: Original Version

Availability: The World

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