Original Title: A Costureirinha da Sé
Portugal, 1958
color 100'   Classics - Portuguese - Restored from the Original Negative by the Portuguese Film Library

The only musical comedy in the history of the Portuguese cinema. The chronicle of a poor neighbourhood in Oporto: simple people, little shops, life on the river bank. Aurora works as a seamstress and she is making the dress she’ll be wearing at a singing contest. She’s in love with a penniless boy and she dreams about her father who left for Brazil leaving her alone with her mother. However, as the song says, all’s well that ends well: her father comes back a rich man, and the little seamstress will end up marrying her beau.

Language: Portuguese

Maria de Fátima Bravo, Alina Vaz, Jacinto Ramos, Baptista Fernandes

Director: Manuel Guimarães

Production Company: Manuel Guimarães

Versions: Original Version and Subtitled in English and French

Availability: The World

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