Original Title: Vidas Sem Rumo
Portugal, 1956
BW 73'   Classics - Portuguese - Restored from the Original Negative by the Portuguese Film Library

"Half Moon" used to be a sailor, but now he is just a smuggler. He doesn’t care for Ana and their child and lives with the beautiful Marlene who dances in bars.
"Gull" spends her days lulling a doll and waiting for her love who will rise from the depths of the sea. The deaf musician "Sparrow" watches over her. There is a dispute down the piers, a crime that might be just an accident, a boat full of poor wretches, a baby that passes from arms to arms, a courthouse of tramps... A collection of marvelous characters.

The censors from Salazar’s regime cut away 20 minutes of the negative of this film that were never found again. It is nevertheless a masterpiece.

Language: Portuguese

Milú , Eugénio Salvador, Madalena Souto, Artur Semedo

Director: Manuel Guimarães

Production Company: ProFilm

Co-Production Company: António de Macedo, Tobis Portuguesa, Francisco de Castro

Versions: Original Version and Subtitled in English and French

Availability: The World

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