Tribute to António da Cunha Telles 08 July, 2014
Portuguese Cinematheque does a retrospective in June and July
21 May, 2013 African Film Development Awards
3 Nominees
Once again, Virgin Margarida is on the run for more 3 awards:

Best African Actress - Iva Mugalela

Best African Actress in a supporting role - Hermelinda Cimela

Best African Producer - Pedro Pimenta

22 April, 2013 AMAA - Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Virgin Margarida was awarded in Africa Movie Academy Awards
Congratulations Hermelinda Simela for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role as Comandante Maria Joćo in Virgin Margarida.

08 April, 2013 Virgin Margarida in Poland
This month Virgin Margarida will be traveling to Poland
Afrykamera Festival


11th April, 18:30

14th April, 20:30

21st April, 18:00
28 March, 2013 Africa Movie Academy Awards 2013
Virgin Margarida conquers 7 nominations.
Fantastic news!
Our Virgin Margarida has been nominated by the Africa Movie Academy Awards in the following categories:
- Best Achievement in Production Design
- Best Achievement in Costume Design
- Best Achievement in Sound
- Best Achievement in Cinematography
- Best Promising Actor - Sumela Maculuva
- Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Hermelinda Cimela
- Best Film
26 November, 2012 Virgin Margarida Awards
Virgin Margarida already won two awards.
Yesterday: Best Female Support Role for IVA MUGALELA for her interpretation of ROSA in "Virgin Margarida", awarded by the International Competition Jury of Journées Cinématographique de Carthage (Tunisia)

And, Prize of the Public, Amiens International Film Festival. 

On the photo, Licinio Azevedo in Amiens

06 November, 2012 Virgin Margarida is travelling
Following its premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, Virgin Margarida has started a interesting journey to others internetional film festivals: 

London Film Festival 10 - 21 October;
African Film Festival of Cordoba 13 -20 October;
Amiens Internacional Film Festival 16 - 24 November;
Journée Cinematographique de Carthage 16 -24 November;
Dubai International Film Festival 9 -16 December

This circuit is bound to continue, please follow the facebook page of Virgin Margarida:
28 August, 2012 VIRGEM MARGARIDA

A fantastic new film at Marfilmes.

The first feature film of Licínio Azevedo, from Mozambican, will be premiered worldwide at Toronto International Film Festival.


Sun. 09 - 3:30PM @ Cineplex Odeon Yonge & Dundas 9 (Premiere)

Mon. 10 - 11:45AM @ Scotiabank 5 (P&I screening)

Tue. 11 - 8:30PM @ Cineplex Odeon Yonge & Dundas 8 (Repetition)

Thu. 13 - 9:30AM @ Scotiabank 6 (P&I screening)

Sun. 16 - 12:00PM @ Cineplex Odeon Yonge & Dundas 10 (Repetition)
07 August, 2012 New copy restaured from the negative
The Enchated Islands

Carlos Vilardebo's feature film was recently restaured from the negative. A magnificent print is now available. This film was shot in the Ilhas Desertas with Amália Rodrigues and Pierre Clementi at the height of their beauty.

20 December, 2011 Funny Stories and Funny People on TV5 Afrique.
We will be laughing this Christmas with the transmission of “Funny Stories and Funny People ” by Jean-Pierre Digongue Pipa, Cameroun, the 25th of December on TV5 Afrique.
21 November, 2011 Com Que Voz
The Man Behind Amália
Alain Oulman was born in Lisbon in 1928 within a conservative family. He was passionate about books, music and Amalia, with whom he worked very closely. Pursued by Salazar's regime and later exiled in France, where he was en charge of the publishing house Calman-Levy. Oulman seems to have lived several existences - all of them brilliants - which this film gives us the opportunity to finally get to know.
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