Original Title: Virgem Margarida
Mozambique, 2012
color 87'   Feature Film

1975, Mozambique’s rebirth. The young revolution sweeps the streets of Maputo from prostitutes and bad habits. Sent to re-education camps deep in the countryside, they will become “new women”.
Margarida, a sixteen year-old girl from the countryside, was mistakenly taken. This is their story. Women bounded by adversity.

Language: Portuguese

Sumeia Maculuva, Iva Mugalela, Hermelinda,Cimela, Rosa Mario, Ana-Maria Albino

Director: Licinio Azevedo

Production Company: Ébano Multimédia

Co-Production Company: Ukbar Filmes; JBA Productions

Audicen Award - Amiens;
Best Picture - Vues D'Afrique 2013;
Audience Award - Amiens Int. Film Festival;
Audience Award - Festival Cinema d'Afrique in Angers, France;
AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Actress in a supporting role - Hermelinda Cimela;
Prize for Best Actress, Iva Mugalela - Vues D'Afrique 2013;
Best Female Support Role for Iva Mugalela - Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage (Tunisia)
Audience Award - Festival Engagé d'Alger;
Prize for Best Actress, Iva Mugalela - African Film Festival Foundation 2013, Khouribga;

Nominations of Africa Movie Academy Awards:
- AMAA 2013 Best Picture
- AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Actress in a supporting role - Hermelinda Cimela (won)
- AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Promising Actor - Sumela Maculuva
- AMAA 2013 Prize for Achievement in Cinematography
- AMAA 2013 Prize for Achievement in Sound
- AMAA 2013 Prize for Achievement in Costume Design
- AMAA 2013 Prize for achievement in Production Design
Festival International du Cinema de L'Argel;
Belo Horizonde Festival;
Brasilia Film Festival;
Toronto International Film Festival;
London International Film Festival;
Festival de Cine Africano - Cordoba;
Amiens International Film Festival;
Journées Cinematographiques de Carthage;
Dubai International Film Festival;
Festival International de Cine en Guadalajara;
Belgrade International Film Festival;
FESPACO, African Film Festival;
CinemAfrika - Stockholm;
Vues d'Afrique - Montreal, Canada;
Afrykamera Festival - Poland;
New York African Film Festival;
Festival Cinema d'Afrique - Angers;
Festival CineAfricano Milano - Italy;
Helsinki Africa Film Festival;
Durban International Film Festival;
Zanzibar Festival;
Brasília Festival.

Versions: English Subtitles

Availability: The World, except France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, African Continent and TV5


Licínio Azevedo is at the same time a director and a writer. He participated in the experiences of Ruy Guerra and Jean-Luc Godard, at the INC (National Film Institute of Mozambique). He is now an independent filmmaker and co-founder of Ebano Multimedia, the most important production company in Mozambique. His multiple productions have won awards all over the world. His first long feature-film is "Virgin Margarida".

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Virgin Margarida, 2012

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