Original Title: O Ilhéu de Contenda
Cape Verde, 1995
color 110'   Feature Film - African

Cape Verde, 1964. At the feet of a mighty volcano, the traditional Cape Verdean society is undergoing a steady change. The old land-owning aristocracy is disintegrating. A class of “mulattos” begins to emerge, with a trade-based financial power that threatens the landlords. A new identity arises, a mix of old and new, of African and Portuguese culture, sensual and dynamic. The songs of Cesária Évora follow this inevitable transformation.
From the novel by Henrique Teixeira de Sousa.

Language: Portuguese

João Lourenço, Camacho Costa, Luísa Cruz

Director: Leão Lopes

Production Company: Vermédia, RTP, MBSA, Saga Film, Instituto Cabo-verdiano de Cinema

FESPACO - Best Music Award; Ourense Film Festival - First Prize
Cape Verdean Film Fest

Versions: Original Version and Subtitled in English and French

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