Original Title: Udju Azul Di Yonta
Guinea-Bissau, 1992
color 93'   Feature Film - African

In the heart of Bissau, the beautiful Yonta only has blue eyes for Zé, who loves her in secret and sends her love letters. Meanwhile, Yonta is in love with Vicente, a hero of the independence war who now sells fish. This sentimental confusion is set against the background of an ideological disillusion after the heroic times of the independence.

Language: Creoule

Maysa Marta, António Simão Mendes, Mohamed Lamine Seidi, Bia Gomes

Director: Flora Gomes

Production Company: Vermedia; Arco-Íris, RTP

Silver Alexander - Thessalonica, Best Actress (Maysa Marta) - Ouagadougou Film Festival, Prize of the Public - Wurzburg Festival
Cannes, London, Chicago, Dublin, Goteborg, Salonica, Belfort, Rotterdam, Cairo, Viennale

Versions: Subtitled in English, French and Portuguese

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Flora Gomes (1949-, Guinea-Bissau)
Born in Cadigue (Guinea-Bissau), Flora Gomes studied cinema at the Cuban Institute of Arts (ICAIC) and in Senegal with Paulin Soumanou Vieyra. After working for two years as a reporter for the news, he entered the Ministry of Information. As camera operator, director of photography and director, he co-directed two shorts at the end of the seventies. Since 1987, he has directed five feature films and a documentary.

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