Original Title: A Guerra da Água
Mozambique, 1995
color 70'   African Documentary

Four stories cross in a Mozambican village. Stories about the importance of a water can, a well that gets broken, a lonely hunter, a bird that in his cage becomes a portable radio… And in all of them there’s dignity, pride and laughter.
The documentary has three protagonists: the well, the women and the baobab. A magical film.

Language: Portuguese and Matsua

Director: Licínio Azevedo

Production Company: Ebano Multimédia

Best production, Southern Africa Communications for Development Award, 1996.
Festival du Réel - France,
Festival dei Popoli - Florence

Versions: English, French and Portuguese subtitles

Availability: Please contact TRIGON FILM - Walter Ruggle [info@trigon-film.org] - www.trigon-film.org

Licínio Azevedo is at the same time a director and a writer. He participated in the experiences of Ruy Guerra and Jean-Luc Godard, at the INC (National Film Institute of Mozambique). He is now an independent filmmaker and co-founder of Ebano Multimedia, the most important production company in Mozambique. His multiple productions have won awards all over the world. His first long feature-film, "Margarida", is at the moment in post-production.

Main Filmography
The Devil’s Harvest, 1988.
Marracuene, 1990.
Farewell GDR, 1992.
The Tree of our Ancestors, 1994.
The Water War, 1996.
Tchuma Tchato, 1997.
Massassane, 1998.
The Last Prostitute, 1999.
Community Stories, 2000.
The Bridge, 2001.
Eclipse, 2002.
Disobedience, 2002.
Hands of Clay, 2003.
The demining camp, 2005.
The Great Bazaar, 2006.
Night Lodgers, 2007.
The Island of Spirits, 2010.
Margarida, in post-production.
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