Original Title: Hóspedes da Noite
Mozambique, 2007
color 53'   African Documentary

In the colonial era, the Grand Hotel in the city of Beira was the largest in Mozambique: 350 rooms, luxurious suites, Olympic-sized swimming pool…
Nowadays the building is in ruins, with no electricity or running water, and is inhabited by 3500 people. Some have been living there for twenty years. The rooms, foyers, corridors, service areas, even the fridges and bathrooms of the hotel serve as home. But there’s no trace of sadness or self-pity in this luminous documentary.

Language: Portuguese, Macua and Sena

Director: Licínio Azevedo

Production Company: Ebano Multimédia

Gold Fipa Biarritz Film Festival;
Best Documentary in Brussels Africa Taille XL;
Closing film of Input Festival, Johannesburg
Amakula Kampala International - Uganda;
African Perspectives - Delft;
Festival do Rio - Brazil

Versions: Subtitled in English and French

Availability: Please contact TRIGON FILM - Walter Ruggle [info@trigon-film.org] - www.trigon-film.org

Licínio Azevedo is at the same time a director and a writer. He participated in the experiences of Ruy Guerra and Jean-Luc Godard, at the INC (National Film Institute of Mozambique). He is now an independent filmmaker and co-founder of Ebano Multimedia, the most important production company in Mozambique. His multiple productions have won awards all over the world. His first long feature-film is "Virgin Margarida".

Main Filmography

The Devil’s Harvest, 1988.
Marracuene, 1990.
Farewell GDR, 1992.
The Tree of our Ancestors, 1994.
The Water War, 1996.
Tchuma Tchato, 1997.
Massassane, 1998.
The Last Prostitute, 1999.
Community Stories, 2000.
The Bridge, 2001.
Eclipse, 2002.
Disobedience, 2002.
Hands of Clay, 2003.
The demining camp, 2005.
The Great Bazaar, 2006.
Night Lodgers, 2007.
The Island of Spirits, 2010.
Virgin Margarida, 2012
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