Original Title: Ngwenya o Crocodilo
Mozambique/Portugal, 2007
color 90'   African Documentary

Each of Malangatana’s brushstrokes is a new line of a long life story. Weird sketches in black and white, full of little people in the middle of animals, and paintings with explosive African colours, describe the memories of the painter. He laughs at the children’s scared faces staring at the drawings and says, “One day I will explain all this”. Throughout his living memories and this promise we are taken on a journey into the African world, the present and the past. Malangatana is one of the most important painters of the African Continent.

Language: Portuguese and local dialect

Director: Isabel Noronha

Production Company: Ebano Multimedia

Co-Production Company: Filmes de Fundo

20th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival - Europa Award
Tarifa Film Festival - Spain;
DOK Leipzig 2009 - Germany;
AsoloArtFilmFestival - Italy;
Women of the Sun Film Festival - South Africa

Versions: English, French and Portuguese subtitles

Availability: The World

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