Original Title: Marrabenta Stories
Mozambique/Portugal, 2004
color 52'   African Documentary

Young Mozambican musicians who play Jazz, Funky and Hip Hop join a group of elders who play Marrabenta, a musical style typical of Mozambique in the 1950's and 60's. This unexpected combination of different types of music works extraordinarily well, as we will see during their South African tour. This trip evokes the origins of each of the musicians. They survive playing and singing their sorrows and happy memories. A Mozambican "Buena Vista Social Club".

Language: Portuguese and local dialect

Director: Karen Boswall

Production Company: Contracosta Produções

Co-Production Company: Catembe Produções, Íris Imaginações

DocLisboa - Portugal;
Tarifa - Spain;
Dockanema - Mozambique;
Durban International Film Festival - South Africa;
Africa in the Picture - Holland;
Afrika Filmfestival - Belgium

Versions: Original version and with English, Portuguese, French and Spanish subtitles

Availability: Please contact TRIGON FILM - Walter Ruggle [info@trigon-film.org] - www.trigon-film.org

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