Sudan/United Kingdom, 1989
color 53   African Documentary

Shot between 1986 and 1988, Kafi's Story captures Nuba life at the moment before it was engulfed in the Sudanese civil war. Kafi, a young man from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, is one of the first to travel north to the capital city Khartoum in search of money. Only when he has money can he buy the cloth for a dress and so marry a second wife.

Language: Nuba

Director: Amy Hardie and Arthur Howes

Production Company: Amy Hardie and Arthur Howes

Joris Ivens Award - Amesterdam Int. Documentary Film Festival; BBC BP Expo Documentary Award; Special Mention of the Jury - Mexico; Basil Wright Prize R.A.I. Festival of Ethnography; American Visual Anthropology Award

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Arthur Howes, (1950-2004) Born in Gibraltar. Was a documentary filmmaker and an expert on Sudan; his work threw a piercing light on the civil war which has ravaged that country. He was a supply teacher in London, before applying for a post of teacher in the Sudan. He found himself in the Nuba Mountains, where he was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Nuba culture, particularly the ceremonial boxing matches. He returned home to England and enrolled at the National Film and Television School, where his graduation film, Kafi's Story (1989), was set in the Sudan. Made in collaboration with Amy Hardie, it is an elegant, humorous and vibrant piece. The society Howes found in the Nuba Mountains was almost idyllic, but towards the end of the film it was revealed that the civil war was coming closer. Howes, was unable to obtain a visa to return. He finally entered the country on the premise of filming government celebrations, and his subsequent film, Nuba Conversations (2000), opened with a surreal display of Sudanese government military power. His next film, Benjamin and his Brother (2002), began in a refugee camp in Kenya, where "The Lost Boys" - children who had fled the conflict in the Sudan - where concentrate. Filmography: Kafi's Story, 1989 (made in colaboration with Amy Hardie) Nuba Conversation, 2000 Bejamin and his Brother, 2002 Bachanalias Bahianes  
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