Original Title: Batuque
Cape Verde, 2007
color 52'   African Documentary

In 1462, the first African slaves were deported to Cape Verde, 10 islands, until then inhabited. They brought with them the rhythms and the roots of what became the BATUQUE: a women’s music. The singers repeat very strong lyrics, sitting in a circle and beating the rhythm with their hands on a piece of cloth between their legs, while a woman performs a very sensual dance in the middle of the circle with her hips. The Batuque accompany every moment of the day in the island. The beat is constant. And the women are laughing.

Language: Creole, Portuguese

Director: Julio Silvão Tavares

Production Company: LX Filmes and Laterit Production

Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival; AfryKamera Film Festival, Poland

Versions: English, Portuguese subtitles

Availability: The World, except United Kingdom (video)

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